Fundraise for Fuel

Fundraise for Fuel

This is your opportunity to be part of a special group of like-minded Queenslanders who support our common goal of raising much-needed funds for special projects.


Lately, we’ve been busier than ever. Our doctors and crews attended to more than 15 critical rescue missions every day in March – that’s 457 ill or injured people airlifted. That’s how many people are given second chances  by LifeFlight supporters in a single month!

Your support is vital to our ability to save lives. A donation of just $300 today will fuel one person’s rescue mission and make their lifesaving flight possible.

Of course not everyone can afford this but any contribution to this project is appreciated. 


Your donation today is a valuable investment in the health and well being of someone in our community whose life changed in a moment’s notice.  


Rescue Story

To show you the real impact your donation can have, I wanted to share a story with you about a young man we recently saved, Connor Sharpe.


In September 2015, Wendy Sharpe watched her 15-year-old son Connor suddenly collapse and stop breathing during a rugby league training match. 


Connor had suffered a major heart attack at just fifteen years of age, completely out of the blue.   


With any cardiac arrest, seconds are critical to survival and Connor’s only chance was a lifesaving aeromedical flight, supported by people just like you. 


The Year 12 student doesn’t remember collapsing, nor does he remember the emergency RACQ LifeFlight Rescue flight that saved his life. But it’s a day Connor’s mother Wendy will never forget.



“You don’t realise how precious life is. We had one of the fittest kids. It is unfathomable and unbelievable,” said Wendy.


“He literally died on that football field. I thought we’d lost him.”


You can give other young people their second chance and help fund a flight with a gift today towards fuel. I’m reaching out to you for help as I know you understand the urgency and importance of our work to people like Connor.


Doctors now know Connor was suffering Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - or an enlarged heart muscle – of which there are no symptoms. Despite the shock of the diagnosis, Connor’s mother Wendy considers Connor one of the lucky ones, and we are thankful we could be there for him on that terrifying day. 


“They are angels. Connor wouldn’t be here without them,” said Wendy. 


“LifeFlight kept him alive, they probably used every machine they had on the chopper.”


We can’t reach the people who need us without fuel. Your contribution will literally get our helicopter to where it’s needed most. You can save a life today. Remember, donations are fully tax deductible, please donate before June 30 for tax benefits.


We are only as strong as the individuals, like you, who support us. Young Connor is proof that your donations save and change lives.


The need for fuel has never been more urgent. In just one month we treated 457 patients – 22% were suffering a serious trauma, 20% suffered a heart attack, 37% had a medical emergency… the list goes on and the cost of fuel is something you can help us with today.


Warmest regards,


Ashley van de Velde

LifeFlight CEO