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Adversity doesn’t discriminate. Sometimes the fittest and healthiest people find themselves fighting for survival. 

Regular donations can help us continue to be there when disaster strikes - to help provide the best possible outcome in what might be the worst possible scenario.

“Our families assumed we were dead. All they knew was that Police, SES and LifeFlight were searching for us – it wasn’t a good sign”  Marcus Barlow, lost bushwalker.

From as little as $10 per month, you can play a part in our lifesaving work, helping people like Marcus, who suddenly find themselves in life threatening situations live to tell the tale.

Every month, your gift will go where it’s needed most — allowing LifeFlight to respond to urgent calls for help that might otherwise go unmet. You’ll help people of all ages and all walks of life; from sick and premature babies requiring specialist intensive care to stranded bushwalkers, seriously injured motorists and critically ill elderly.

As a gesture of gratitude towards our supporters, we automatically add regular givers of $10 per month or more to our LifeFlight Champions program. Examples of what your generosity enables us to do are listed below.

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