Other Ways To Give

There are many ways to contribute to RACQ LifeFlight Rescue's lifesaving work.

Become A Corporate Partner

LifeFlight can offer companies an association with a strong community brand and a lifesaving charitable cause.

Our partnerships aim to generate benefits for all parties involved, including commercial benefits and an association with LifeFlight and the LifeFlight Foundation’s strong, credible brands.

A business partnership with LifeFlight goes far beyond a traditional corporate social responsibility arrangement. We actively work with you to create a more connected workplace and motivate your staff to get involved. This cultivates a strong and lasting culture of philanthropy within your organisation that has a lasting, positive legacy.

To discuss how a corporate partnership can benefit your business, please contact us below.

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Charity of the Month

Would you like to put a smile on a needy child? As part of our charity of the month program, shoppers have the option to donate their bear purchase to a good cause while supporting LifeFlight at the same time.

To donate your next purchase to a charity that shares our passion for protecting children, select this option on checkout from our online shop.

Crewman Champion

A donation of $10 to $24 per month, can help LifeFlight provide airway management for a patient who requires a ventilator to breathe.

By making a regular donation of this size automatically establishes you as a Crewman Champion, which entitles you to exclusive member invitations, our quarterly newsletter and special merchandise offers.

Doctor Champion

A donation of $50 to $99 per month, can help LifeFlight manage an unconscious critical care patient by funding essential equipment like an arterial catheter, defibrillator pads, an intravenous giving set and medication.

By making a regular donation of this size automatically establishes you as a Doctor Champion, which entitles you to exclusive member invitations, LifeFlight merchandise and our quarterly newsletter.

Donate Monthly

Adversity doesn’t discriminate. Sometimes the fittest and healthiest people find themselves fighting for survival. 

Regular donations can help us continue to be there when disaster strikes - to help provide the best possible outcome in what might be the worst possible scenario.

“Our families assumed we were dead. All they knew was that Police, SES and LifeFlight were searching for us – it wasn’t a good sign”  Marcus Barlow, lost bushwalker.

From as little as $10 per month, you can play a part in our lifesaving work, helping people like Marcus, who suddenly find themselves in life threatening situations live to tell the tale.

Every month, your gift will go where it’s needed most — allowing LifeFlight to respond to urgent calls for help that might otherwise go unmet. You’ll help people of all ages and all walks of life; from sick and premature babies requiring specialist intensive care to stranded bushwalkers, seriously injured motorists and critically ill elderly.

As a gesture of gratitude towards our supporters, we automatically add regular givers of $10 per month or more to our LifeFlight Champions program. Examples of what your generosity enables us to do are listed below.

Donate Monthly Now

Give In Celebration

Share your celebration with LifeFlight and invite your family and friends to donate in lieu of presents.

If you are planning to hold a party to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, christening, wedding or anniversary, why not consider a Celebration Donation and ask your guests to donate to the LifeFlight Foundation in lieu of a gift.

Celebration Donations allow you to celebrate your special occasion while helping raise vital funds and awareness for a great cause. By choosing to support the LifeFlight Foundation on your special day, you can make a real difference by helping us to support and fund an emergency rescue helicopter service for the critically ill and injured.

Online celebration giving

It's really easy to set up your own Celebration Donation page online at Everyday Hero with photos, videos and a personal message to your friends, family and guests. Your page will have a unique web link which you can send to everyone and let them know they can visit your page, make a donation and leave you a special message. You can also promote it on Facebook and Twitter to raise extra funds.

Creating your personal Celebration Donation page is quick, easy and fun but most importantly, secure. Donations are collected online and automatically transferred to LifeFlight. All contributions over $2 are tax deductible and your guests will receive their receipt automatically when they make their donation on your page.

Offline celebration giving

Your friends, family and loved ones may want to give you cash or cheques for your special occasion. The LifeFlight Foundation has donation envelopes available for you to give out at your party if required. You can then collect the envelopes up at the end of your special event and post it to LifeFlight.

All contributions over $2 are tax deductible and if your guests complete their details on the donation envelopes a receipt will be sent to them directly from the LifeFlight Foundation.

Paramedic Champion

A donation of $25 to $49 per month can help fuel our helicopters to ensure our crews can rapidly respond to the critically ill and injured. Paramedic Champions help fund 30 minutes flying time, enough to get our crew to the scene of an accident, missing person, disaster or gravely ill patient.

By making a regular donation of this size automatically establishes you as a Paramedic Champion, which entitles you to exclusive member invitations, a member gift, our quarterly newsletter and special merchandise offers.

Workplace Giving

One of the most effective ways employees and employers can support LifeFlight is through Workplace Giving.

LifeFlight is committed to helping anyone, anywhere, anytime. Making regular donations through your pay helps fund ongoing operational expenses including fuel, maintenance, medical supplies and training; without which we couldn’t do what we do.

You simply never know if you, a loved one or even a workmate will need our service. Each rescue missions costs $12,500. Think of these donations as your little investment; protecting yourself, your family and the community against the ‘what ifs’.

Workplace Giving is a feel good exercise and it’s so simple. Your donation is deducted from your gross salary each pay so you receive an immediate tax benefit.

Your workplace can support your efforts further by matching your contribution dollar for dollar which means your generous donations are doubled. Talk to your employer today about matching your gift.

Sign up today and help save lives in your community. 

The next life we save could be yours.

Benefits for the Employee

If you choose to donate to the LifeFlight Foundation through your pay, it:

  1. Gives you an immediate tax benefit
  2. Reduces your taxable income without the need for receipts
  3. Provides you with an opportunity to feel good about helping LifeFlight to save lives
  4. Allows you to donate as much or as little as you like

"LifeFlight's survival relies heavily on its own fundraising efforts and donations, so for me there is a feel good factor, knowing that my small contribution helps in some way to keep the service going,"  - Mark Taylor, Gold Coast City Council employee and Workplace Giving donor.


Benefits for the Employer

Workplace Giving is a way for businesses and their employees to support LifeFlight. It is a simple way to enhance your business’ involvement in the community and has significant business, employee and community benefits. Workplace Giving is a great way for businesses to demonstrate commitment to the causes their employees are passionate about.

Introducing a LifeFlight Workplace Giving program can:

  1. Give you an opportunity to engage with your workforce and can assist with employee attraction and retention
  2. Be a powerful tool to drive employee morale, satisfaction and organisational pride
  3. Show a commitment to shareholders, employees and customers towards the safety and well being of people within your community

The program is easy to set up and low cost to maintain. Employers can also further support their employees efforts by matching donations – demonstrating an organisational commitment to staff interests.

So join our Workplace Giving Program now and together we can ‘save lives’.

Pilot Champion

A donation of $100 and above month, can help with the extremely expensive upkeep of our fleet so they are always at the ready to fly to critically ill and injured patients.

Every one hour of flying time requires two and half hours of maintenance. Your regular generosity can help fund service parts like a rescue hoist inspection kit and engine compressor wash solution.

By making a regular donation of this size automatically establishes you as a Pilot Champion, which entitles you to exclusive member invitations, VIP events, our quarterly newsletter and a special merchandise gift. 

Play For Purpose

A LOTTO that is the ultimate WIN-WIN

The LifeFlight Foundation has teamed up with Play For Purpose, the not-for-profit lottery that gives you the chance to win great prizes while helping raise funds to keep the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter flying.

Participants in the lottery have a 1 in 19 chance of winning one of more than 11,000 prizes totaling one million dollars – it’s the ultimate win-win!

First prize is a $500K gold bullion, second prize is a $150,000 luxury car and there are a number of amazing travel packages. Thousands of dollars in gift vouchers are also up for grabs.

While the lottery winners will certainly have their lives changed, everyone who participates in the lottery is helping LifeFlight save lives with their donation.

You could win big and help the LifeFlight Foundation fund lifesaving aeromedical flights at the same time.  

Tickets are $25 each and the lottery is open to everyone, with limited tickets available to make your chances of winning even greater.
Helping the LifeFlight Foundation has never been so rewarding.

Don’t forget, you can enter as many times as you like for more chances of winning.
Good luck!