Mum and Daughter reunited with their ‘guardian angels’

Marion was driving through Kents Lagoon in the Scenic Rim when her car collided with another car around a sharp bend. 

Under the darkness of night and with traumatic injuries, Marion made it out of the wrecked ute she was driving and immediately knew she had to get her daughter out of the car. 

“I could smell fumes, and kept thinking I have to get her out, I have to get Amanda out.” 

“I kept trying Amanda’s door but it wouldn’t budge, she was trapped and all I kept thinking was I have to keep calm even though I was scared that nobody might find us for hours. I told Amanda to try calling 000.” Marion said. 

Even though Amanda sustained traumatic internal injuries she was able to call emergency services and a passer-by stopped to give assistance. 

The next thing Marion recalls was having a firefighter approach her to tell her they needed to put a neck brace on her and get her on a spinal board. 

“I didn’t even hear the helicopter arrive, my eldest  daughter who arrived at the scene told me they were here and they were going to fly us out.

“They were like guardian angels.” Marion said. 

Marion escaped with a fractured sternum, cracked L1 and L2 cuffs and multiple fractured ribs. 

Amanda suffered spinal injuries and internal bleeding, both being left to fight for life. 

“I don’t remember much after the collision but I’ve been told it took multiple people to cut me out of the car.” Amanda said.

“My sister was pinning me down and a young boy held my head whilst the emergency officers cut the door off so they could get me out and onto a spinal board.”

The road to recovery hasn’t been easy, Amanda is recovering slowly but Marion has spent time in and out of  hospital since the accident. 

“Both my doctor and my mother’s doctor have said we are walking miracles. We both needed to be resuscitated at some point following the accident and I’m not sure we would have made it if we didn’t get to hospital so quickly.” Amanda said. 

“We are so grateful to them for getting us to emergency treatment so quickly and professionally. 

“The crews were so caring, and we cannot thank them enough for saving our lives.” 

The Toowoomba based RACQ LifeFLight Rescue helicopter airlifted Amanda from the scene of the crash to the Princess Alexandra Hospital. 

Marion was airlifted by another helicopter rescue service to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s hospital. 

“It’s just another days work for them, but we will never forget what they did for us.” Marion explains. 

“People don’t tell them enough how amazing their service is for people that need their help.” 

Marion and Amanda are reminded of their experience every day as they pass the spot where they both almost died. 

“I try to ignore the place where we crashed, on my way to work it’s easier to ignore it, but at night I slow right down and go gently through the bend.” Marion recalls.

“There is an arrow on the road that marks the place, it’s a reminder you can’t miss.”