Man airlifted off marine bulk carrier

RTM Wakmatha was anchored 16 nautical miles from land when the 63 year old began to develop chest pain.

Negotiating 20 to 30 knot winds, the CareFlight helicopter landed on the helipad of the 235 meter vessel.

The man was initially treated by a first aid officer on-board the vessel before being met by the helicopter’s flight paramedic and doctor who worked to stabilise him.

He was airlifted to the Bundaberg Base Hospital in a stable condition.

A Rio Tinto spokesperson thanked the not for profit rescue helicopter and its crew.

“We are very grateful for the help provided by the helicopter rescue service, they do fantastic work and we greatly appreciate their efforts”.

*This rescue mission was completed when the Bundaberg service operated as AGL Action Rescue prior to the July 1 2013 merger with CareFlight Group Queensland.