Together, We Can Save Lives

Learn more by watching this video, with a special message from Dr Jeff Hooper – RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Doctor.

I’m Doctor Jeff Hooper and I’m a critical care doctor on board the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopters.

Every day doctors like me fly challenging missions to save lives of Queenslanders in our community, thanks to the support you provide us.

As we celebrate over 40 years of operation, it is humbling to look back at the service which began as a single aircraft with a volunteer crew and is now an incredibly important link in the Queensland healthcare network saving more than 6,000 people each year.

I have been with RACQ LifeFlight Rescue for more than 13 years and there are so many memorable missions, for many different reasons. Often the jobs that are considered ‘high profile’ in the media are often not necessarily the ones that are most memorable from our point of view. What we see day-to-day can be quite traumatic; we do see patients who are very unwell.

In saying that, it’s an absolute privilege to be able to do the job we do. When I first worked for LifeFlight more than a decade ago, I thought it was the greatest job ever. And I still do. LifeFlight crews have been saving lives for over 40 years.

So I wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to you, for allowing me to do this rewarding and lifesaving work every day.

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Warmest regards,

Your RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Doctor – Doctor Jeff Hooper