LifeFlight’s point of difference

Incremental expansion and modernisation of our fixed and rotary-wing fleets, development of a world-class training academy, strong mission coordination and control, and a proven capability to recruit, train and deploy highly skilled medical staff and air crew, as well as an absolute focus on client requirements and patient welfare, these assets provide LifeFlight with a strong platform from which to deliver not only our ‘traditional’ services, but a range of ‘bespoke’ commercial offerings as well.

In successfully operating a life-saving social enterprise for four decades, LifeFlight has built a proven reputation for our solutions-oriented, tailored approach to clients’ needs, drawing on our seamlessly coordinated suite of aero-medical assets and skills sets.

This approach has formed the basis of strong, mutually beneficial relationships with governments, communities and corporations alike, in some cases for more than a quarter of century.

An outstanding example of this partnership-based approach is LifeFlight Australia’s collaboration with global aerospace and defence technology provider Thales to install and operate its AW139 helicopter flight simulator as an integral part of our Brisbane training academy. This provides a cost-effective instructional and scenario-testing facility for both our own rotary-wing pilots and external clients.

Whether saving lives on the front line or ensuring our medical and aircraft assets are in the right place at the right time to provide the highest standards of care, the entire LifeFlight team is totally committed to working together – and with our clients and partners – to produce the best possible clinical outcomes.

Our commercial activities currently include supplying aero-medical services to a consortium of resources companies that extract natural gas from Queensland’s Surat Basin, and providing consultant-level medical advice in the case of shipboard injuries or illnesses on behalf of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Our capabilities

  • Global medical repatriation and evacuation
  • Pre-hospital and inter-hospital critical medical care
  • Aeromedical tasking and coordination
  • Emergency medicine specialist recruitment, training and hire
  • Specialised training for the aero-medical and aviation industries
  • Telephone medical advisory services (TMAS)
  • Remote area medical and retrieval services to the resources industry
  • Search and rescue
  • Aircraft engineering and maintenance

A flexible and synergistic structure

Each playing vital roles in their own right, LifeFlight Australia’s major operating divisions contribute their respective resources and expertise to ensuring a holistic, highly synergistic approach to satisfying a wide range of aero-medical, telephone medical advisory services (TMAS), specialised aviation and tasking coordination requirements.