LifeFlight pilot recalls dramatic rescue from Mt Beerwah

The Sunshine Coast-based RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter was called out at 3.50pm yesterday to winch the climber from the mountain, the highest peak in the Glasshouse Mountains, after he slipped and suffered lower limb injuries. 

The man was on the walking track with a group of friends when he slipped and fell approximately 10 meters onto a steep slope. 

Due to the nature of his injuries he was unable to climb up and a decision was made to winch him out using the Sunshine Coast-based RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter. 

RACQ LifeFlight Rescue pilot, Aaron Regan described the scene.

“On arrival we located the patient and used the winch to lower our Intensive Care Paramedic and waited for a report from the Paramedic,” said Aaron.

“We winched him down to approximately four meters below the patient due to the gradient of the slope. The Paramedic made his way up towards the patient with the assistance of State Emergency Services and Queensland Fire and Rescue personnel.

“From there we then landed the helicopter at the bottom of Mt Beerwah and waited for over an hour for an update before we returned to extract the patient and Paramedic from the scene.

“After we had airlifted the patient we returned to the initial landing point at the bottom of Mt Beerwah to meet a Doctor. We then continued airlifting the patient in a stable condition to Nambour General Hospital.” 

The injured bushwalker was discharged from Nambour General Hospital last night.