LifeFlight helicopter locates yacht in distress

At 7am, Queensland Police tasked the Bundaberg based LifeFlight crew to search for the yacht that made a call over its radio asking for urgent help about 20-nautical-miles South West of Lady Elliot Island.

The RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter located the vessel and a trawler that was keeping a close eye on it within an hour.

The two people on-board the vessel were found uninjured and told the LifeFlight crew their boat had engine failure and only one sail was in working order.

“They were struggling to deal with rough seas and strong winds that kept pushing them back out. They were very concerned,” said LifeFlight Pilot Michael Thomas.

The Bundaberg Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) was called in to tow the yacht and transport the sailors back to shore.

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