LifeFlight Doctor reunites with car crash Mum in hospital

Dr Mulkeen presented Ms Lowe with three RACQ LifeFlight Rescue teddies to give to her young children who were in the car at the time but uninjured.

Ms Lowe’s seven year old daughter Olivia dramatically rescued her two and three year old brothers from the back of the wreckage.

Dr Mulkeen said the young girl was very brave.

“She’s crawled into the back of the vehicle, unclipped the two smaller kids from their capsules and removed them one by one,” he said.

“I wish Amber a speedy recovery and I am very glad that her children are safe and well.”

The accident occurred on Tuesday at about 7.45am off Gregors Creek Road at Woolmar.

The Sunshine Coast based RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter airlifted Ms Lowe to Nambour Hospital in a stable condition with suspected chest and arm injuries, and possible spinal injuries.

In the last financial year, RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopters have attended the scene of 238 motor vehicle accidents, including motorbike and quad bike accidents.