LifeFlight airlifts man impaled by tree branch

The LifeFlight helicopter was activated at 3:45 on Friday afternoon to a four wheel drive camping park 130 km west of Gympie after reports that a man had been impaled by a tree branch.

Upon landing at the scene the aeromedical crew assisted the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) to treat a man, aged in his 30s, from Beenleigh who had part of a tree branch impaled in his arm.

The patient was believed to have just arrived at the park for the weekend and was setting up camp when he went to collect firewood. He apparently shook a tree and a dead branch fell on him, impaling his arm near the elbow. 

The tip of the branch broke off leaving a large piece of wood still embedded in his arm.

Friends of the patient applied first aid to stop the bleeding before emergency services arrived. 

After being stabilised the man was airlifted to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

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