Hundreds of cuddly CareFlight bears on their way to flood victims

The iconic bears will be given out to flood victims attending the charity concert at Toowoomba Showgrounds to lift their spirits during this difficult time.
RACQ CareFlight’s South West Community Relations Manager Helen Williams said the Spirit of the Country event is the perfect place to deliver the cuddly bears.
“The bears were collected through our Charity of the Month program,” she said.

“So some people who purchased bears this month have elected to donate them to charity.
“This month, 350 generous people bought bears for the program.
“Their purchase not only helps raise vital funds for RACQ CareFlight, it also enables us to give 350 bears to those who have lost so much during the floods.

RACQ CareFlight will also be giving out approximately 50 of our new Barbeque Tool Sets and 50 CareFlight shirts – so the adults don’t miss out.
“We hope to be able to bring some joy to them all on the day,” said Helen Williams.
“RACQ CareFlight witnessed firsthand the floods devastating effects on the south west communities.
“We were incredibly busy airlifting people from their rooftops, transferring sick patients to hospitals on higher ground and winching people to safety.
“We are proud to be able to help these wonderful people again by giving them our iconic bears,” she said.
The Spirit of the Country charity concert will be held on Sunday 20th March from 1:00pm – 6:00pm at the Toowoomba Showgrounds and is free for all flood victims.