Flood stricken families airlifted

The Bundaberg helicopter got airborne as the weather moved south, while the Maroochydore helicopter flew through the storm to reach the small town which had been completely cut-off by flood waters.

The Bundabergy helicopter winched its rescue crewman down to an elderly couple whose home was inundated with water.

The Maroochydore helicopter also winched its rescue crewman down to the house.

An elderly man, who suffered mobility issues, was secured in a hypothermic strop and winched aboard the helicopter.

The man was taken to Hervey Bay Hospital for observation.

His elderly wife was also winched to safety using a hypothermic strop.

*This rescue mission was completed when the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg services operated as AGL Action Rescue prior to the July 1 2013 merger with CareFlight Group Queensland.