Fisherman pierced by swordfish bill winched to safety

The 20 year old was on-board a fishing vessel, Kimocean, around 190 nautical miles off the Southport Seaway when he was injured.

At first light this morning, the vessel was met by the RACQ CareFlight helicopter at the 100 nautical mile mark.

The crew then winched an Intensive Care Paramedic down to the vessel to bring the young man back on-board the aircraft.

Upon his safe retrieval, he was treated by CareFlight’s Critical Care Doctor, Liz Thompson.

“The wound he sustained was quite deep but the sword did not penetrate the other side.

“And thankfully, the bill didn’t snap off inside his leg either.

“The man, a fisherman by trade, was pulling the swordfish into the boat when he tripped and landed on the sharp bill.

“He was in quite a bit of pain and it was frightening and an unusual experience for him.

“But we kept him calm and he was conscious and talking to us throughout the rescue,” she said.

Dr Thompson treated the patient for the deep wound and blood loss while he was being airlifted back to CareFlight’s aircraft base on the Gold Coast.

He was then transferred to QAS Paramedics for road transport to Gold Coast Hospital.

He travelled in a stable condition.