Female farm hand injured in bike accident while mustering cattle

The teenager sustained head, neck, chest and limb injuries after falling from the motorbike on a cattle station north of Cloncurry.
The RACQ LifeFlight Rescue crew took off from Mount Isa airport around 10am and flew 110km to the property. By the time they had landed, the girl was receiving medical attention from an ambulance crew who had driven out from Cloncurry.
It’s believed the girl was rendered unconscious for a short period after the motorbike accident, regained consciousness and was able to mount the bike again and rode approximately two kilometres to get assistance for herself. She was flown to Mount Isa hospital in a stable condition.
In one of its busiest days in months, the Mount Isa RACQ LifeFlight Rescue crew refuelled and flew back to Cloncurry Hospital to care for a six month old boy with bronchiolitis and breathing problems.
The boy was flown, in a stable condition, with his mother to Mount Isa Hospital where he’s receiving further expert medical treatment.
“It was certainly one of our busiest days in a long time,” said Jim Lillecrapp RACQ LifeFlight Aircrewman and Base Lead.
” We don’t often get back to back jobs like this but it’s great to know that RACQ LifeFlight is there for people in remote areas and that we can get them to hospital when they really need it.”