Coordination Services

The LifeFlight Coordination Centre, located in our Brisbane, Australia headquarters, is the 24/7 hub of all our operations across the globe. It handles more than 100,000 phone calls and 2200 complex aeromedical retrievals by our helicopter and jet air ambulance fleets each year.

Staffed by a dedicated team of aviation operations professionals, the Coordination Centre ensures total integration and maximum availability of our aeromedical assets to meet our own and clients’ requirements. Exercising the operational control over LifeFlight’s aircraft, the centre is fully resourced to provide a rapid response to international medical evacuation and repatriation requests, from quoting to aircraft dispatch. From initial client contact to task completion, the centre maintains fully coordinated oversight of all administrative, air operations and clinical aspects of each mission.

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Interaction with government agencies, border control, fly-over and landing permits, hospital transfers and translators when required, the LifeFlight Coordination Centre takes on complete responsibility for all aspects of each mission. No task is too big or too small. A consultant-level emergency medicine specialist is always on roster to advise and assist our retrieval teams both in-flight and on-the-ground. This integrated, holistic approach represents a critical difference in the way LifeFlight delivers aeromedical care – ensuring the best possible patient outcomes. Vital to all of LifeFlight’s operations, our Coordination Centre also offers a valuable array of resources to external clients, from complete flight coordination and tasking to telephone medical advisory services (TMAS).

The LifeFlight Coordination Centre (LCC) continued its impressive track record, experiencing its busiest year in history in 2019. The centre coordinated over 2,000 complex aeromedical retrievals for LifeFlight’s fixed-wing aircraft alone.

The team coordinates LifeFlight’s fleet of RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopters and jets which provide a rapid response to calls for help locally, statewide and internationally. In 2019, a team of 10 LifeFlight Coordination Centre operators managed a record of more than 60,000 calls in and out of the centre.

LifeFlight currently has a total of 10 rotary-wing assets with 8 community helicopters based in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Bundaberg and Mount Isa; and two commercial rotary aircraft in Roma and Toowoomba.

With LifeFlight continuing to grow its critical care services in Australia and internationally, LCC’s experienced aviation operations coordinators are dedicated more than ever to ensuring the organisation’s community helicopters and jets are managed with precision 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

LifeFlight Australia’s Telephone Medical Advisory Services (TMAS) are underpinned by our unique and well proven combination of skill sets honed over 40 years of delivering life-saving pre-hospital medical care.

Our vast experience in retrieval medicine translates to an invaluable store of knowledge that is accessible to clients 24/7 through our TMAS capabilities.

Whether in Australia, overseas or on the seas, LifeFlight Australia has the TMAS capabilities to enhance the health and welfare of those our corporate and government partners value: their people and their clients.

In situations where medical advice is urgently needed – and immediate face-to-face intervention is not an option – there is the reassurance of having one of LifeFlight’s consultant-level emergency medicine specialists available to advise and guide on appropriate first steps in patient care pending evacuation to hospital, if necessary.

All of our TMAS consultants are members of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine, with first-hand experience in providing remote area and pre-hospital critical care on-board our rescue helicopters or Air Ambulance jets.

The sophisticated systems and technologies embedded in the LifeFlight Coordination Centre not only ensure that our medical advice is available via phone in even the most remote or isolated parts of the globe; they also can be used to organise, deploy and oversee patient evacuations (often using LifeFlight’s own resources) when required.

We invite you to talk with us about how we can deliver the TMAS solutions your organisation is looking for in the following fields:

  • Remote area resource extraction and infrastructure development
  • Passenger cruise industry
  • Defence exercises
  • Expatriate staff emergency health care
  • Travel insurance