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Record year for Townsville jet fleet


2020 was a record year for the Townsville RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Air Ambulance service, with 341 critical missions flown.

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Land Rover Chopper

New Land Rover LifeFlight Special Mission chopper goes above and beyond


A new, highly advanced, specially configured helicopter, designed to take on the most challenging missions, is operational and ready to respond around the clock, to emergencies anywhere in Australia. The Land Rover LifeFlight Special Mission helicopter was unveiled today, with crew performing a mock winch rescue and demonstrating some of the aircraft’s advanced capabilities. The Land Rover LifeFlight…

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LifeFlight launches aeromedical base in Singapore


LifeFlight, Australia’s highly-regarded aeromedical retrieval service, has responded to an increase in international demand, by opening a new Air Ambulance jet base in Singapore. “The expansion into Singapore is a big success for the jet Air Ambulance fleet and for LifeFlight,” LifeFlight Coordination Centre Executive Manager Peter Elliott said. “The new base will increase our…

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New virtual reality training system makes LifeFlight’s simulator suite complete


A new virtual reality crew simulator is the latest addition and completes the full suite of simulators at the LifeFlight Training Academy, enhancing the facility as a one stop shop for aeromedical training.  The equipment transforms the way aircrew officers train for lifesaving winch missions, by combining high fidelity virtual reality technology and physical elements, built into…

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LifeFlight building bright futures at one-of-a-kind chopper base


LifeFlight Australia boasts a reputation, as one of the country’s most-trusted aeromedical rescue organisations and the first step, in the journey to save a life, starts in a place few may realise. A big unassuming hangar, at Archerfield Airport in Brisbane, is home to LifeFlight’s Heavy Maintenance base; this is where the company’s engineers work…

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Retired RAAF jets soar again with RACQ LifeFlight Rescue


Once seen in the sky, defending the land down under, three retired Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Challenger 604 jets will now serve the country in a different way. Queensland-based aeromedical charity, RACQ LifeFlight Rescue took on the trio of former Air Force aircraft, expanding and upgrading the company’s fleet of dedicated, medically configured jets.…

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