CareFlight encourages Queenslanders to recognise remarkable volunteer

Dalby grandmother Margaret “Margie” Bailey has been counted among the nominees for the third instalment of Heritage Bank’s prestigious Volunteer of the Year Awards, which is an opportunity for the community to say “thanks” for the countless hours put in by volunteers throughout the State.
Margie has been an avid supporter of CareFlight for more than four years – a relationship that was borne out of a late-night emergency.
“We’ve actually had two workers that have needed CareFlight over the years, including one that was flown out in the middle of the night, so we know how extremely important the service is to these rural areas,” said Margie.
“And at 74 I’m still going strong – I certainly don’t ever intend on needing CareFlight, but I’m more than happy to fundraise for them!”
Remarkably, Margie is responsible for raising more than $11,000 for CareFlight over the past 12 months, with funds generated from bake-stalls, raffles, and bowls days.
“I’ve always thought that whatever you get in life, you should be prepared to give back,” said Margie.
“The people of Dalby are always behind me in whatever I do – but I don’t do it for me, I do it for CareFlight.”

In addition to supporting CareFlight, Margie has long been an active supporter of the Queensland Cancer Fund, as well as the Dalby & District Rugby Union Club “The Wheatmen”, among other causes.

CareFlight Executive Manager of Fundraising Leanne Angel said that devoted volunteers in rural areas were essential  in helping to maintain a regional community rescue helicopter service.

“We are thrilled to have more than 100 hard-working volunteers assisting us across our area of operation; we have hard-working, everyday people assisting us on the fundraising front-line, helping to secure much-needed funds,” said Ms Angel.

“Margie Bailey is well-known to the Toowoomba fundraising team, and we’re frequently taken aback by her incredible dedication to our cause – and to her community.

“We fully endorse Margie as a candidate for the Volunteer of the Year Awards, and we wish her all the very best in all her future endeavours.”