CareFlight crew says stay safe in holiday break

RACQ CareFlight Aircrewman Brian Guthrie says simple safety measures will help reduce accidents on the roads, on our beaches and in our backyards these school holidays.

“This time last year we performed 15 missions, almost double the normal amount for an average week,” he said.

This time last year, the RACQ CareFlight crew was busy airlifting two children from a mini-van crash on the Gold Coast, two teenage girls with spinal injuries after car crashes in the South West and a 21 year old Gold Coast man with spinal injuries after a serious motocross accident.

“During school breaks, you always here messages about holiday road tolls. We want to get the message out there to stay safe no matter what you’re doing,” he said.

“Buckle up in the car, make sure you wear life jackets on the water and pack appropriately if you’re bushwalking with plenty of food, water and safety gear in tow,” he said.

Typically, one in six of CareFlight’s patients is a child but during school holidays, this figure sadly rises.

“It’s heartbreaking as a husband and father to see young people injured in avoidable accidents,” he said.

“Community safety is a shared responsibility and all families must make sure they have the appropriate safety measures when out and about these school holidays to avoid ending up in the back of the RACQ CareFlight chopper.

“We will be ready to respond to calls these school holidays but we hope that whatever people are doing, they are being safe and responsible while having fun,” he said.