Business supporter witnesses outcome of lifesaving investment

April 10th, 2005, started out like any other Sunday for the Doyle family. 

“We were off to have some fun at a local skate park which we had done many times before, with my boys riding scooters and my trusty skateboard,” Steve remembered. 
But things quickly took a turn for the worse; Steve was riding on his skateboard when he lost control. 
“All I remember is looking upside down at the concrete, what happened next is from my son Sam’s experience,” he said.
“He came back from checking the surf and wandered over to the skate ramp to see a crowd of people standing around the top.
He rode down the slope to then notice a motionless figure laying on the concrete and went closer to get the shock of his life when he realised it was me,” Steve said.
Steve was then rushed to Nambour Hospital via ambulance,where he had a CAT scan and was then flown to Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital by the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter. 
“My Neuro Surgeon had observed in the first CAT scan that my brain had deflated. He said he was unsure for a few days if I was going to end up severely brain damaged or not. They then did another CAT scan to find my brain had popped back into shape,” Steve said. 
Steve recently visited the Sunshine Coast base; not only meeting the LifeFlight crew but also the Project Director of one of the local companies which help to keep our teams in the sky. 
“LifeFlight Rescue I feel is key in any emergency where time is crucial to help prevent a life from ending,” Steve said.  
The Yaroomba Beach project,  has been supporting LifeFlight for the past two years.

This year the company donated $15,000 to the LifeFlight Foundation. 
Project Director Evan Aldridge said it was a humbling experience to meet Steve and hear his story firsthand. 

“To talk with Steve and hear his family’s experience just underscores how important the LifeFlight service is to the Sunshine Coast region,” Evan said.  

“We are a proud partner of LifeFlight and the vitally important community service they provide,” Evan said.

The Yaroomba Beach project supports several organisations across the Sunshine Coast and hope by continuing to engage with the local community the company will be able to deliver a positive legacy for the Sunshine Coast.  
2016-17 was a record year for LifeFlight for lifesaving missions with its aeromedical crews, community helicopters and Air Ambulance jets performing a record 5,252 missions throughout Queensland and around the world.

LifeFlight is a community-based charity that relies on donations from the public and community support to the LifeFlight Foundation.
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