A Pig Day Out in support of local charities

The annual Beef and Bacon Day at the Bowenville Hotel this Saturday, January 28, will see six pigs race off, as well as a ute show, live music and rides for the kids. Supporters and revelers are expected to travel from around south-east and south-west Queensland for the event.
The event will raise money for RACQ LifeFlight Rescue as well as Women of Lot Feeding (WOLF) and has been organised by WOLF, a non-profit organisation that helps to support women in the lot feeding and wider agricultural industries.

WOLF has decided to generously donate a portion of the funds raised on the day to LifeFlight. 

Janeta Falknau, one of the senior members of WOLF said the Pig Day Out presented an opportunity to combine forces with another charity in the area.
“We wanted to help other charities, not just ourselves. It was nice to partner with another valuable community organisation like LifeFlight and help others,” she said. 

Janetta and WOLF also knew the local community would rally behind the two causes.

“We chose RACQ LifeFlight Rescue because we knew this would be something the community would support,” she said.
WOLF was established by Amanda Moohen two years ago when it became apparent there was a clear gap in the agricultural industry for a women’s support and networking group. 
WOLF gives its members the opportunity to openly discuss the personal issues they face in the male-dominated industry, as well as provide a network of like-minded women that both motivate, inspire and support one another.

“It’s really a networking group. We get to share experiences and opportunities with one another – it’s about creating a strong network of women within our industry,” Janetta said.
She said the decision to donate a portion of the funds raised in the Pig Day Out to RACQ LifeFlight Rescue was a clear choice for WOLF as regional farming communities knew firsthand the importance of a rescue helicopter service.
Last calendar year RACQ LifeFlight Rescue conducted 14 lifesaving missions to farming accidents across Queensland which included crush injuries, falls and motor vehicle accidents.
Janetta said the service was one that was never wanted, but a welcome relief when needed.
“Within our industry we rely on LifeFlight a lot,” she said.

“You never know when you will need it, or when someone you know will need the service. It’s important it’s always there.”
Six pig races have been organised for the event with supporters able to bet and then cheer on their preferred swine. There will also be a barbeque and raffle prizes on offer.
The Pig Day Out will be held at the Bowenville Hotel on the 28th of January with races starting from 1pm onwards with all proceeds going to RACQ LifeFlight Rescue and Women in Lot Feeding.