8 year old girl stung by jellyfish

The Gold Coast girl was stung on her right arm while she was swimming at Awinya Creek on the western side of Fraser Island. She suffered severe pain, nausea and abdominal cramping.

The helicopter winched its flight paramedic onto the beach where the child and her mother were secured in a rescue basket and winched up to the helicopter. The child was airlifted to Hervey Bay Hospital accompanied by her mother. She is in a stable condition.

In the past nine days, the service has flown to the aid of seven people suffering a jellyfish sting while swimming on the western side of Fraser Island, including a five-year-old Torquey boy who was winched New Year’s Eve after being stung at Awinya Creek.

*This rescue mission was completed when the Sunshine Coast service operated as AGL Action Rescue prior to the July 1 2013 merger with CareFlight Group Queensland.