70 year old man injured after slipping on rocks

The helicopter flew to the scene, where pilot Andrew Caton held the helicopter in a hover just above the rocks to allow the medial team to climb down from the chopper’s skid.

The helicopter then moved from the scene while its flight doctor and intensive care flight paramedic treated the man. It returned when he had been stabilised and strapped into a stretcher.

The doctor accompanied the man as he was stretcher winched up to the waiting helicopter. The ICP was then winched aboard.

The man was airlifted to Nambour General Hospital in a stable condition.

He and his rescuers later joked that in different circumstances a helicopter ride would have been a great birthday present – the gentleman turns 71 tomorrow.

*This rescue mission was completed when the Sunshine Coast service operated as AGL Action Rescue prior to the July 1 2013 merger with CareFlight Group Queensland.