Commercial Repatriation

Repatriation of patients via a commercial airline from international locations can be provided by LifeFlight using stretchered or seated options.

LifeFlight’s critical care doctors and nursing staff can travel on board a commercial airline with a stretchered patient to ensure all their medical needs are met throughout the flight. Equipment is airline approved in advance and medical staff accompany the patient to their receiving facility or are handed over to their receiving medical crew.

Whilst commercial repatriations are only available on board selected airlines, LifeFlight's Coordination Centre staff can ensure that this process is managed with efficiency and ease.

LifeFlight's medical staff are also available to accompany seated patients on commercial aircraft to ensure optimum medical care of the patient. As a commercial aircraft is larger and fly longer distances without refuelling, this method of transport is often an effective, suitable and cost efficient option.

Our doctors can help advise what the best option is for the patients needs and LifeFlight will then take care of the complete organisation of bed-to-bed transfer including media clearing, transport to and from the aircraft and administration.