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Patient shares story of survival at Toowoomba Gala Ball

Twelve years ago, Alice Greenup was gravely injured after she fell from her horse in South West Queensland.

Alice was mustering cattle with her husband Rick on a property at Kumbia, south west of Kingaroy, when the horse suddenly reared up and bucked her off.

The horse kicked Alice in the neck and chest with its back legs while she was in the air, slamming her to the ground.

Her head took the brunt of the impact.

“Searing pain engulfed my body. I couldn’t move my head – it felt like it was bolted to the earth,” Alice said. 

Rick recalls seeing Alice hit the ground and fearing the worst, but was forced to leave her lying alone while he desperately rode and ran several kilometres for help.

“Our closest major hospital is 250 kilometres to the east,” he said.

A RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopter was called in to urgently airlift Alice to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

She suffered horrific injuries including bleeding on the brain, a ruptured liver and broken ribs.

Alice also had double vision for months.

Remarkably, Alice not only survived the terrifying horse fall, but returned to this year’s South West Gala Ball held in late May to share her story of survival.

Fundraising Manager, Leanne Angel said you could hear a pin drop as Alice Greenup described her ordeal and thanked CareFlight for her airlift.

In the nine years since Toowoomba’s much-loved Gala Ball was first held, the event’s dedicated supporters and sponsors have raised more than $900,000, helping to fund lifesaving rescue missions across the South West region.