“It’s hard to believe that last time I was holding this little dude we were 70 feet above his house, in the middle of a raging torrent,” said Anthony Clark, Flight Paramedic. 

It’s been 20 months since Flight Paramedic Anthony Clark was winched down to rescue young James Smith, father Dan and heavily pregnant mum Helen. 

The family were stranded on the front step of their Bundaberg property in the town’s worst flood on record, surrounded by rising floodwaters and uncertain of survival.

Recently Anthony was back in Bundaberg, this time for his daughter’s cricket camp, allowing him to enjoy a carefree catch up with the family he helped save back in 2013.

“We shared a few funny stories as well as discussing the fears they all experienced during the rescue. We all mucked around all night like we were long time friends,” Anthony said.

Helen said her family still think how lucky they were that CareFlight came to their aid that day. “We’ll forever be grateful. They saved our family.”