Patient Story -

Moreton Island medevac for sick toddler

Thanks to supporters like you, three year old Jackson Spalding will get to celebrate another Christmas with his family.

Jackson's medical scare happened in August last year when had to be urgently flown from a family holiday on Tangalooma Island to a major Brisbane hospital. What was thought to be a common cold quickly progressed to Jackson's small lungs and developed into a serious respiratory condition.

Jackson's father Cameron spoke to us about seeing his son's health deteriorate so rapidly.

“The day we arrived on the island, Jackson had a a runny nose and a cough but nothing seemed wrong,” Cameron said.

“He was his happy little self all day and we just passed it off as typical cold, he seemed fine.”

But Jackson's health went downhill very quickly. He became increasingly restless, was crying constantly and nothing would settle him.

“We tried panadol, teething gel but nothing worked. I just knew that something wasn’t right so we called 000.”

Paramedics arrived and knew immediately that little Jackson was much worse than first thought.

“The paramedics knew that Jackson was very ill and they told us that he needed to be urgently airlifting off the island for specialist treatment,” Cameron said.

Jackson was suffering from a severe case of Bronchitis, a lower respiratory infection which can escalate quickly.

“We were extremely worried and upset that we hadn’t noticed his breathing was an issue. We wanted help as soon as possible.

“When we heard that CareFlight was dispatched, we were so relieved to know that help was on its way for our little boy.

“Jackson was very sick and irritable by now. He would dose in and out of sleep and would get very upset when moved from his mum’s arms. So we were glad that CareFlight arrived so quickly,” he said.

Jackson’s mother Nicole flew with Jackson onboard the RACQ CareFlight helicopter to the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

“Thanks to CareFlight, Jackson is a healthy three year old who loves playing golf, just like his Dad. He joined the CareFlight Patient Rescue Club and got to go to the hangar and see the helicopter in real life which he loved,” said Cameron.

“I knew how important CareFlight was but never took the time to support this wonderful service. Since Jackson was airlifted, we have brought some bears and donated through the CareFlight Supporter Centre. “

“I would encourage all people living in the flight region of this wonderful service to give what they can because you never know when it might be you in the hands of the team at CareFlight,” he said.