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A motherís ordeal hits home

When two-year-old Chase came home from hospital on December, his mother Aleisha thought her little boy’s health concerns would become a thing of the past.

Suffering from chronically inflamed tonsils and sleep apnoea, little Chase had struggled with his health for most of his young life. So it came as a relief when the decision was made to remove Chase’s problem tonsils.

The surgery went well and Chase was discharged from the family’s local hospital in Gympie the next day.

But things started going horribly wrong on the night of his discharge.

“One minute he was fine and the next he started vomiting blood and became really unwell,”

“It was like things went from zero to a thousand in seconds,” Aleisha said.

Aleisha left her five year old daughter in the care of her grandmother and bundled Chase up to rush him back to the hospital.

“When I arrived I could sense things weren’t good. They did blood tests and found he had lost a large amount of blood,” Aleisha said.

Doctors at Gympie Hospital performed a blood transfusion while the Sunshine Coast based RACQ CareFlight Rescue Helicopter was called in for an urgent airlift.

“I was in shock. There was a real chance Chase wouldn’t make it and it was terrifying for both of us”

By the time the helicopter arrived, Chase had stabilised but he needed urgent surgery in Brisbane to fix the bleed and save his life.

Aleisha recalls how relieved she was when she and Chase boarded the helicopter.

“I really remember feeling safe once we were in the air. The crew were amazing and I knew my son would be ok. They were all lovely - such caring strong wonderful human beings.

“People complain about silly things sometimes but when you go through an experience like this, you realise what’s important in life.” 

“The men on that flight were true heroes and I’m so thankful they were there for us. 

“Without them, I dread to think what would have happened,” she said. 

After touching down at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Chase was rushed into surgery.

Surgeons successfully repaired his internal wounds and Chase was kept under medical watch for several days after.

Today Chase is a happy and healthy little boy.