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CareFlight’s Beds For Our Base Project launches

Every so often a project comes along that shifts the focus of RACQ CareFlight Rescue’s fundraising efforts.

Due to new State Government regulations, the local helicopter rescue service must urgently raise $60,000 for new infrastructure to house crew at the Toowoomba Base.

“The South West is one of CareFlight’s busiest regions where an incredible 43% of all our lifesaving missions take place,” CareFlight Relationship Manager, Sarah Delahunty, said.

“These new regulations have made it mandatory that all crew on duty must be housed in on-site accommodation effective immediately and we need to come up with an extra $60,000 on top of our usual fundraising efforts.”

Currently, accommodation for the Toowoomba crew is provided off-site at a house in Campbell Street, Newtown.

“The house is just five minutes from the base and has served us well in the past, but we now have to urgently bring this housing on-site,” Ms Delahunty said.

RACQ CareFlight has launched the Beds For Our Base Project to find the $60,000 shortfall.

Between now and March, CareFlight is aiming to raise the funds to lease and fit-out a ‘donga’ style building for the new on-site crew sleeping quarters as part of the Beds For Our Base Project.

“Our crew currently sleeps in makeshift quarters in our Toowoomba office administration building which is not ideal,” Ms Delahunty said.

“The Beds For Our Base Project will not only house our heroes, it will reduce our night time response which means our Doctors can reach patients sooner and save vital minutes that make all the difference to people in critical situations.

“We will also save money on accommodation costs and improve safety with crews having more time to assess a task prior to departure,” she said.

“We ask the South West community to join us and help bring this vital project to life. We are always there to help 24/7, but now we need the community’s help.”

People who wish to support their local helicopter rescue service can donate online at or phone CareFlight’s Toowoomba base on 4633 7299.