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Fraser Island swimmer winched

RACQ CareFlight Rescue has winched a 32 year old Sydney man, seriously injured in a swimming accident on Lake Wabby, Fraser Island.

It was reported the swimmer sustained a head injury after diving into the lake and was said to be experiencing some paralysis immediately afterwards.

With a high-tide making the site inaccessible to road transport, the Bundaberg based RACQ CareFlight Rescue helicopter was first to arrive at the scene.
At around 5pm the helicopter's intensive care flight paramedic and rescue crewman were winched down to treat the patient and prepare him for evacuation.
The remaining crew then flew five minutes away to a helipad at Eurong Police Station, where the helicopter remained until the patient was ready for rescue. 
The CareFlight medical team loaded the patient onto an evacuation stretcher and another winch was performed for the patient and medical crew.
The injured man was airlifted to Hervey Bay Hospital in a stable condition. 
One third of all missions RACQ CareFlight Rescue flies are primary missions requiring swift specialist attention.