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Four rescued after car swept off causeway

RACQ CareFlight has helped in the rescue of four people that were trapped in flood waters for two hours near Mt Tyson Sunday morning.

The utility with two adults and two teenage boys were following a truck across a causeway when debris from the downpour hit their vehicle and pushed them off the road submerging the front of their vehicle.

One of the victims said, “The water rose very quickly and we made it to the back of the ute”.

After the 2011 floods RACQ CareFlight and the QFRS started training together in case of future flood rescues.

Today was the first time since then it was put into practice.

The swift water rescue team of two climbed onboard to help the stranded motorists.

Once on scene our crew decided to land on a mud bank about 100 metres from the ute.

The swift water team made their way to the victims and assisted them putting on life vests and helmets.

They started walking with the two teenagers across the flooded road about 800 metres to where rescuers were.

They were met half way by another swift water rescuer, which took the boys to higher ground.

All this time our rescue helicopter was circling overhead keeping an eye on the rescue in case they were needed.

As the swift water team started to walk out the remaining two people, our crew noticed they were finding it difficult to walk through the water and mud, so our crew landed near them on a mud bank and they were airlifted back to higher ground.